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Hotdog Hut


Hotdog Hut

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The favorite all-American event food!

What's not to love about hot dogs? They are inexpensive, easy to make and taste great! Our commercial Hot Dog Steamer is perfect for your next event. It can hold up to 150 links and 80 buns at once. Just add some mustard and ketchup and you've got a winner!

Please note:
Steamer requires 90 minutes to heat hot dogs.
Food/Supplies are not included.

About this Unit:

Ages: 16+ years to operate.
Output: Up to 150 hot dogs per hour
Capacity: Any size Events.
Measures: 1.5'L x 1'W x 2'H
Includes: Machine and Tongs.

 Required for Setup:

Minimum space: 2'L x 1'W x 2'H.
Electrical outlet: 1 (Generators are required for Parks/Fields.)
Attendant(s): 1 (not included)
Surface: Table/Stand (not included)